…as Luz María Bello

Mafer Roussell is from Veracruz, Mexico. Her studies include La Universidad Veracruzana with a Theater Degree, where she was awarded the Medal of Merit Academic “Dr. Rafael Lucio”. La Escuela Veracruzana de Cine Luis Buñuel where she graduated in Cinematography Direction; As well as in Escuela Arte 7 in Cinematographic Script. Her theater experience includes classical characters such as “Antigone” of Sophocles, “Queen Elizabeth” of Schiller and “Lady X” (Den Starkare) of Strindberg among others. Her latest works include “Los Monologos de la Vagina” in theater, “Todo o Nada” and “El Que no Corre Vuela” in cinema, of Grinligth Productions and Alpha Studios respectively. Currently she is part of the cast of “Mariposas Enjauladas” by Edui Tijerina Chapa under the direction of Sebastian Ligarde, she writes and directs the Short film “Dreamer”.

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