Co-Director & Co-Writer & Frank Johnson in Los Secretos de Santa Mónica

Frederick Ford Beckley is a co-writer, co-director and actor in The Secrets of Santa Monica: La Boda. He is a member of the German theatre ensemble Bluespots Productions and is represented by Stewart Talent.

In 2016, Frederick can be seen in several short films, 2 feature films (No Good Heroes and The Rake), and 1 music video (Crossfire). His favorite theatre credits include the international collaboration He Said Yes/He Said No which screened live work in Osaka, Augsburg & Chicago; assisting Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo for the Steppenwolf Garage Rep production of The Twins Would like to Say…; & writing and puppeteering Mr. Skeleton Goes to the Doctor for Redmoon Theater’s JOE Festival.

As a teaching artist, Frederick has led original classes in acting, writing, puppetry, & laughter, for students age 6-60. He is a proud graduate of Southern Methodist University and the Second City Training Center. Check out his blog and projects at

We asked Freddie a few questions about himself…

  • Do you have a significant other?: “I’ve been married for 6 months to the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”
  • Do you have any pets? “No, but I have two nephews.” 
  • If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?: “A friendly Great White Shark because I love sharks. As a Great White Shark I would work with marine biologists and other humans to combat the negativity surrounding the species. I would appear in films that depict sharks and humans swimming together, without incident. Perhaps I would host a shark talk show and, like Family Bridges, use this platform to present positive shark role models and give proceeds back to the shark community. Eventually I would run for public office, to effect change on a grander scale. After a long and attack-free life, I would retire, spending time with my grand-sharks, and designing board games with my shark-wife. “
  • What food can you not live without?: “Movie popcorn.”
  • What is a special talent that you have?: “Making my wife laugh.” 
  • If you were shipwrecked on an island and could only have three things, what would you choose?: “An inflatable raft, a fully charged satellite phone, and a big knife. “
  • What’s your favorite quote? “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

What secrets does Freddie’s character have? Come check him out in Los Secretos de Santa Mónica to find out. And while you’re there, he’ll show you why it’s important to take time to listen.

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