…as Carmelo Santiago

Artemio was born in Moroleón GTO, Mexico. He currently resides in Chicago where he studied at the Chicago Acting Studio. His first acting gig was in the hit motion picture “Primal Fear”. Starring Richard Gere & Steven Bauer where he played the role of Steven’s bodyguard “Chucho”.  Artemio has 14 years of experience acting on the stage, ranging from comedy sketches to drama for audiences of all ages. Artemio is also part of the central cast of ¡Qué Gente, Mi Gente!, interpreting Carmelo Santiago.

We asked Artemio a few questions about himself…

  • Tell us about your family: “I am married to Lorena Gonzalez. We have 5 children and we’ve been married for 17 years.”
  • If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?: “I’d be a bar-headed goose because they can fly up the highest in the sky – 21,120 feet up. Sky is the limit. “
  • Where did you grow up? “Grew up in Chicago. Pilsen baby.”
  • What is a special talent that you have? “Well it would have to be my charming attitude after people get to meet me – due to my appearance. I also have a talent of making thread crosses and thread bracelets.”
  • What’s your favorite quote? “No dejes para mañana lo que puedes ser hoy.”
  • If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? “Humble, respectful, loyal.”
  • He also wants you to know that… “My body could be here but my mind will always be exploring the horizon.”

What secrets does Artemio’s character have? Come check him out in Los Secretos de Santa Mónica to find out. And while you’re there, he’ll show you about how important family really is.

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