Pixie Dust

Cinthya Alarcón, Makeup Supervisor

Most of us are familiar with the story of the girl who was absolutely devastated on the biggest night of her life, her dress had been savagely destroyed because she was envied by two snobby jealous girls.  In total devastation and despair, all she could do was cry.  Low and behold a fairy godmother appeared and surrounded her with this magical pixie dust that totally transformed her into a beautiful princess.  Her hair was impeccable and her dress was exactly that of a princess.  Cinderella.

If only life could work that way, right? Well as it turns out, it can!  As part of the production team for Los Secretos de Santa Mónica, I get to be that fairy godmother that transforms the actor into the character that lives in this amazing fictional town of Santa Mónica de la Punta Gorda.

As soon as the actor sits in that makeup chair, they begin a transformation from who they are into a totally different person. By the time they walk out of that room, they’ve become a character who was born in the imagination of the writers, who have given this character a personality and a story.

The job of the Makeup Artist is to make this personality and this story match the appearance of the actor.  A touch of the brush and voila! Magic. The makeup is just like the pixie dust; it can do magic. It can make anyone transform into the sweetest person or evilest one of all. All in an effort to bring life to that character that was once just a thought.

You and I might not believe in fairytales anymore, and even though you and I might never set foot on a stage with big hair and makeup, we can still find the “Pixie dust” in the simplest things of life.  Come and see the stories of these people, from this town with a comical name, come and enjoy the colors of the wardrobe, the glamour of the hair and makeup, and enjoy seeing what modern day pixie dust can do.

Being part of this project has been so amazing in so many levels, I hope you can come and see why.



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