Sarah Pichardo, Executive Producer & Co-Writer

I love stories. They can communicate happiness, fear, hope, anxiety, sadness and every other emotion known to man. And because we can feel it, we can grasp the moral of a story because it’s a teaching of our hearts. That’s the power of story.

Los Secretos de Santa Mónica is about people and their life stories; and much like the characters in this production, we all have a story. What makes each of us unique isn’t necessarily our personalities, our heritage or other categories we belong to; but rather our journey. And those journeys are rarely easy. They have their challenges and their obstacles. Yet we learn to overcome them, and because of that we have lessons to teach.

And teach we should. Stories are meant to be shared, and it is our responsibility to retell those that we experience and witness – not only for our own sake, but for the benefit of others. Stories change people.

In Los Secretos de Santa Mónica, we share stories with you about family, community, love and life through the lives of some colorful residents of the diverse town of Santa Mónica de la Punta Gorda. Stories that will change you.

I hope you’ll join us through the journey of our characters. I invite you to laugh with us, cry with us and learn with us. And when it’s all said and done, I challenge you to tell your story – because there are people longing to hear it. Share your story, inspire others and help transform lives.

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